I am one BAD Kitty

"I like laying up here so that I can look down on all you lowly humans"

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You lucky human.  You've found "BadKitty's Web Page" 

I'm "BadKitty". 

Yes, I'm "that" BadKitty of Widdershins and LiveJournal fame.  Quite possibly the most famous cat in the Pacific Northwest.  Aren't you lucky you found me?

My human was lucky enough to find me, when I was returned to the adoption center after kicking the butt of a wussy, yappy, little Yorkshire terrier in my first home (the nerve of those people trying to get ME to share space with a "kick me" dog). 

The redheaded human slave who does my bidding thought it was cool that I was a tough kitty when she adopted me.  But she doesn't think it's quite so funny now that I try to trip her in the wee hours of the morning when she's still half asleep, walk across her computer keyboard, knock things off of shelves, open the kitchen cabinets, stare at her in the bathtub, sleep on her face, step on any body part that's: sore, bloated, congested (she loves it when I sleep on her chest when she has a cold) or full (like a bladder first thing in the morning-Oh that's my favorite) and yowl loudly and continually (I have quite the vocabulary) and eat her plants.

Don't even get me started on her silly best friend who thinks she's a cat person.  I have issues, she's a bitch, and I have drawn blood.  Yet the poor, foolish, easily manipulated human, will time and time again let me sucker her into petting me, only to draw back a bloody hand.

I occasionally cozy up to the men she dates (although I really don't much care for men; I haven't met a "good one" yet) if they pay me lots of attention and bring me treats.  They'd best just remember that I'm "The kitty" and they are expendable.

In my spare time (when I'm not working on my diabolical plan to rule the world, starting with this house), I manage the editing of stories, rants, essays and the creation and maintenance of web pages, the purchasing of the finest cat food and toys, chasing birds (through the window of course, I'm an indoor kitty) and <twitch, shudder> squirrels.  They're lucky there is glass between they and I, or I'd  have a tasty treat !!!

I me, I'm bad. At least I'm going for the "nip" this time, instead of the lavender (which really confuses and infuriates my human)

Ooooooh.... That was GOOD nip

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Check out my favorite web pages

Seriously, these above mentioned websites are quality web pages personally selected by moi. 

My all time favorites are the the "Mean Kitty" and "My Cat Hates You" web pages.  Both are filled with fabulous surly felines that would like to scratch your eyes out, including the most fabulous feline of all, ME!.  Cat's rule the world and don't you forget it you silly humans.

The "Viking Kittens of Valhalla" will appeal to the Norse and Zeppelin fans alike

There is a virtual kitty for those not lucky enough to have a fabulous creature like myself.

There is also a link to a hard rock cat band called "LitterBox"  The vocalists untrained yowling bugs me, the the guitar player is one HOT kitty.  for those that aren't in to hard rock, there is "Kitty Hip Hop" which is a touching display of the ultimate affection for one's human (me?  I let her pet me once in a while)

If that's not what you're up for, visit the "Litter Pan Cam" and watch some handsome hunks of fur take care of business.

If you're feeling more philosophical, you can visit the "Dharma the Cat" web page, which stars Dharma the Buddhist cat, her monk in training and a mouse hell bent on cheese. 

There are sites dedicated to kitty humor, games you can play with your humans, a map to the cat's brain (as if you'll ever understand us) and other fun stuff.

My dumb human thinks it's "cute" when she "lets" me (I do what I darn well want around here) lick whipped cream off of her mocha...  Little does she know I make sure to lick my butt first.

This is me when I was a cute little kitty, before  I became the elegant creature I am now

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Ciao and Meow !

"It's not easy being this bad"

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